WTS Gladiator, 55 lv, asmo EU ( 1 2)

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    Hi, selling my veteran account on EU server Telemachus, asmo side. Gladiator lv 55 Asmo Armor: Noble Coliseum Champion's Breastplate +5 (55 lvl eternal arena ) Noble Coliseum Champion's Greaves + 5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Shoulderplates + 5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Sabatons + 5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Gauntlets + 5 (55 lvl eternal arena) All set socketed with green manastone crit strike + 17 Weapon: Stormwing Spear + 10, fused with 50 pvp abyss spear, with silence godstone. (eternal) Earth Dragon Bow (fabled) Accessory: Noble Coliseum Champion's Helm (eternal) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring x 2 (eternal) Archon Brigade General's Leather Belt (eternal) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Earrings (eternal) Debilkarim Corundum Earrings (eternal) Archon Tribunu's Ruby Necklace (fabled) Storm Wings (fabled) Skill : Expert Aethertapping 499 Novice Cooking 120 Artisan Alchemy 454 Ap: 550 k ap, 41 platinum medals 2000 Courage insigna 35 k Crucible Insigna Inventory: 6 kk kinah 7 x l87 Enchantment Stone ( can sell for many milions of kinah) 1x l85 enchantment stone ( can sell for money) 70 x Crit Strike + 17 manastone (can sell for money) 50 x magic boost + 27 manastone (can sell for money) 500 fabled food and various HP potions, scrolls ecc.. Others charachers on the account: Account has a lv 49 Sm ( with 2 archon elite cloth armor pieces + 10 and 2 archon squad rings) and a lv 23 Cleric too. Sell only, no trade, pm me for more details, Paying with Paypal, offer.
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