WTS: Gladden Account(s): 9 characters/two accts.

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    I have 2 accts attached to my Turbine acct. Picture of loading screen here: splus./u/0/photos/1...71201919167218 One has had the following upgrades bought: I unsubbed this summer and used accumulated TP's to purchase a bunch of content for the acct. It has all three Xpacs RoI was purchased. Picture here: splus./u/0/photos/1...70476478295586 All quest packs except North Downs/Trollshaws/Angmar All skirmishes except the Ford of Bruinen/Survival:Barrow Downs 197 TP's All trait slots are open/5 bags/shared storage/no gold limit/5 character slots. A guild house/premium personal house and 80+ gold/ 7th LI slot. Characters are: 70 Lvl Captain - Westfold Scholar guilded Picture here splus./u/0/photos/1...65483788257138 64 lvl Champion (female Elf) - Supreme Master MSmith guild/Prospector Picture here splus./u/0/photos/1...68172137013202 65 lvl Warden (female hobbit) - Supreme Master Weaponsmith (guild)/Prospector/Master WW 25 lvl Runekeeper (female elf) - Supreme Cook/Farmer (cook guild) 39 lvl Lore Master (male/Man) - Artisan Tailor (guild) 26 lvl Hunter (female/Elf) - Jeweller The 2nd Acct was my wife's Picture here: splus./u/0/photos/1...69573121267362 It has 2747 TP's, MoM and SoM. No RoI 65th level Champion (female/Man): explorer... no tailoring. 2 small sub 25th level characters. All trait slots open. Leveled while subbed to the game. Reply with an offer. If you need further information or proof, I'm happy to oblige. Thanks for looking.
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