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    I wanna sell my gg Cleric and Ranger on Elyos EU. Cleric: Weapons: Sky Dragon Emperor's Staff +10 + 10% PvP and general-stone (mboost) Noble Coliseum Champion's Cudgel (mresi) Divine Coliseum Champion's Shield (mresi) Miragent's Warhammer (block) Divine Coliseum Champion's Shield (block) Armor: 50er Elite-Set +10 (magical acc/mboost) 55er Primus-Pilus +10 (mresi) 55er FP condition 1 (block) 40er Elite-Set stored in a pet Full Miraju (tp) Jewlery: 55 gold/eternal PvP Alchemie: 500 Armorsmithing: 449 The char also has +40kk Kinah +100k AP and +60 platinmedals. All greater stigmas for both trees. Ranger: Weapons: Stormwing's Longbow +10 +Coliseum Champion's Flatbow (9,8% PvP) Armor: FP condition 1 (tp/crit) 30er Elite-Set +10 (crit/tp) Jewlery: 55 gold PvP The ranger also has 10kk Kinah. The account has also 6 other characters between 53 - 22 and it got 26 months of veteran rewards I don't want to trade my acc just sell it. PM me for more Information and Offers. Offer: 150€ Buyout: 200 € nur Paypal oder Überweisung! =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.