WTS GamezAion (Siel) Account!!Good!!!

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    Hi i m selling my GamezAion account on Lumiel. Sorry for the typo..Account is on Lumiel! On asmodian there is a level 55 gladiator and sorceror and on siel there is also a level 55 gladiator so u can pvp on both sides ^^ Items that i have: Full ABG Elite Chain Set+15 Fully Slotted wif MR (Good pvp set against sorc and rangers and etc.) Master Carved Drenium Greatsword+15 Fused with EAT Greatsword (Elyos Gladi) NHDE Greatsword+15 Fused with EAT Greatsword and 10% Silence GS (Asmo Gladi) Ice Black Spear+15 Fused with EAT Spear (Asmo Gladi) Zapiel Spear+15 Master Carved Corundum Glasses Storm Wings EAT Accessories Set (Critical) ABG Necklace x 1 ABG Ring x 1 Fenris Leather Set+15 EAT Leather Set+15 500 Brilliant Aethers 500 Brilliant Magical Aethers 2000 Greater Aethers 500 Greater Magical Aethers 200B+ Kinahs And other mats and etc. Please post ur offer or u can always pm me ^^
Thread Status:
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