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    This is an account on the PRIVATE server of GamezAion, not retail. Has the following: Armor/Accessories: Full Archon Brigade Plate Set +15 (Socketted with Crit 17's/Attack 5's) Full EAT Cloth set +15 (Mboost +27s and M. Accuracy +14s) Full EAT Leather set +15 (Full Attack +5s) Archon Brigade General's Crit set (1 x necklace, 2x rings, 2x earrings) Archon Brigade Turquoise Jewels (2x Necklace, 2x Earrings) Guardian Archon Earrings (2x, lvl 50 pvp magic boost earrings) Archon Brigade General's Sash Archon Primus Pilus' Leather Belt Archon Brigade General's Bandana Archon Brigade General's Helm Archon Brigade General's Shield +15 (Full block +27s) Storm Wings Noble Operative's Wings Weapons: Fused ABG Longbow +15 (Attack +5s w/ 10% Silence GS) Fused Mastarius Tome +15 (Mast + ABG; Magical accuracy socketted) 2x ABG Swords +15 (Remodelled to DDK; 1 is 10% Blind GS other is 10% Silence GS; Both sock attack +5s) Fused ABG Jewel +15 (Has 10% Silence GS, socket mboost +27) Misc: Lots of scrolls, kinah, food. Ranger is a crafter with 549 Cooking/499 Alchemy and SM has 549 Handicrafting. Other chars have a profession levelled but only listed the main one's. Everyone is lvl 55 so you can pvp right away. Account is also a Premium Account (Bonus rates) PM me your offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.