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    so im selling 4 accounts on gamez aion siel server i sell all the accounts to 1 person for cheap price i already sold account with abg with the most rare and the most expensive remodel on gamez aion the remodel was stormwings plate set on abg plate set you can ask aiden31 the deal was good and cheap so lets start what is on the accounts account #1: ABG chain full set+15 full socket ABG staff+15 remodeled to mastirius staff fully socket ABG magic jewels full set and EAT belt and ABG helmet+stormwings+300 credits+this account got premium membership so evrything is doubeld exp kinah evrything. account #2:ABG Plate full set+15 full socket ABG spear+15 remodeled to mastirius spear fully socket EAT crit jewels,EAT leather full set+15 full socket and another set of EAT crit jewels EAT bow and also 2x EAT leather hats and EAT belt+stormwings. account #3:ABG Cloth full set+15 full socket ABG magic jewels full set ABG orb+15 full socket remodeled to mastirius orb EAT belt and ABG headband+noble opwrative's wings+alot potions+150 credits. account #4:ABG Leather full set+15 full socket ABG crit jewels full set ABG dagger+sword both+15 full socket ABG hat+ Black Cloud Wing Feather rare wings you can buy them now even for credits+770 credits+ALOT scrolls and potions. +++ to all this ill add account with so much potions and scorlls that the buyer gonna love you in the pants i promise so lets be honest there is much stuff that worth ALOT money so my price for all this goods is 100$ only paypal really you can buy it and sell for more im selling bcuz i got xbox 360 and no longer playing pc and im in army so most of the time when im home i spend my time with family,girls,friends or im on my xbox 360 but rearly touching the pc not gonna lower the price bcuz all this worth more then 500$ this is not scammed accounts or something you can ask the gm's to check all the accounts ill give you the names of all chars the chars.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.