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    Hey There, I want to sell my GameZ-Aion Account (pserver: gamezaion) following are inside the acc: Characters: 1x Elyos - Ranger Lv. 55 1x Asmodian - Ranger Lv. 55 1x Elyos - Assassin Lv. 55 1x Asmodian - Assassin lv. 55 Armor/Accessories: Full Archon Brigade General Leather Set +15 * Jerkin (Crit 17's) * Leggins (ATK 5's) * Gloves (ATK 5's) * Boots (ATK 5's) * Pauldrons (ATK 5's) Archon Brigade General's Crit set * Neclace * 2x Earring * 2x Ring Archon Brigade Generals Hat (UNIQUE HELM SKIN! anuhart assasin penna)!!! Archon Tribuns Leather Belt Noble Operative's Wings Weapons: Fused Mastarius Bow+15 with ABG Longbow +15 Inside (moost powerfull Bowfusion!) ATK+5 Each slot + Slowing GS inside - Mastarius Skin 2x ABG Swords+15 ATK+5 Each Slot - Remodel with Horned Dragon Skin (Powerfull white Gloweffect!) Godstone settings: (1x 10%Blind 1x 10%Silence) 1x ABG Longbow+15 - ATK+5 Each Slot - Slowing Godstone inside Misc: Lots of Pots, Kinah, Buff-food, jelly's, Powershards, kisks, craft materials to make your own potions random stuff to make kinah and Scrolls of all types EXTRAS: 2 Characters Got Powerfull Titles (Fenris Fang, Daddys long l) 2 Characters Got one of the new ALARM/SIGNAL Pets (dessert naeda) 2 Characters are Alchemistic crafters - 499/449 2 Characters are 449 in Gathering 500 Credits are ACTUALLY on the Account, getting more each day THIS ACCOUNT ARE IN PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP WITH SPECIAL RATES! and well.. i never go in ANY bad talk never come in bad discussions or laming lowbob ganking talks.. i never whas jailed and never warned! AND this Acc is ONLY HAND-PLAYED! no bots, cheats or other SH*T Used.. i donated well to the server (like 250
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.