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    WTS My GamezAion Account (Lumiel) Characters: Cleric - SpiritMaster -CLERIC- (Full Support stigma) One Star Officer Master Carved Drenium Set +15+FullMR+Fully remodeled to Forgotten abyssal Archon Brigade General's Accessories Enraged Mastarius's Warhammer +15 + MR + 10% Silence Godstone + Remodeled to a one of a kind in the server StillRake nut. Archon Brigade General's Shield +15 + MR + Remodeled to a one of a kind in the server StillRake leaf. Master Carved Corundum Glasses Remodeled to a WITCH HAT Munin's Wing Feather -=Additional stuff=- Over 2,700 Credits for VIP to transfer items or anything Sunset-Drakie + Headstrong pet's Full Archon Primus Pilus's Jerkin set Elite Archon Tribunus's Greatsword Tyron's Precious Notebook x1Archon Primus Pilus's Gloves x2 Archon Primus Pilus's Corundum Ring x2 Archon Primus Pilus's Corundum Earrings x1 Cool Swimwear A lot of Ether of all kinds. x70 Fine Elemental Stone x28 Valiant Tiger Candy x4 Polar Bear Form Candy x55 Cippo Aether Jelly Fire, Spell resist, Courage, Running, Anti-Shock, Awakening and all the rest of the good scrolls. x306 Fine Life Serum x81 Greater Healing Potion Mudslime Staff + Nice looking Poison GS almost half a b of kinah. Alot of Enchantment Stones Few Horned Dragon Emperor's Savory Food and another kind for Casters -SpiritMaster- (Full MA/Hybrid Stigma) Enraged Mastarius's Tome fused with Archon Brigade General's Tome +15 + full MA + Remodeled to an awesome Balaur Tome Padmarashkas Tome Elite Archon Tribunuss Set +15+FullMA+Remodeled to Joyful festival custom One of a kind in the server Omega's Bandana Paypal only. 42$ =***************************************************** email=*****************************************************.il Don't bother flaming here for any reason, this isn't the first nor second account of mine that i sell here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.