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    Current vote points: 4.1k Account information: Siel Main character Chanter 55 elyos Full ABG set +15 manastoned with magic resist +14 & crit +17 remo to enraged masta shoulders ABG staff fused with Yammes + 15 manastoned with crit +17/attack+5 ABG crit accesory set with belt & ABG chainhood remodel to bear ear headband EGT Chain set + 15 Enraged masta Chain boots/top/pants/gloves + 15 and manastoned parry +27 3 pets on the toon All crafting is maxed Over 10b kinah Over 3k aethers 104 gold medals Enraged masta bow fused with ABG +15 Other toons are 55 gladi, 55 ranger, 55 cleric ( all ely) & 55 asmo sorc (They have misc things on them, nothing of note) Lumiel Spiritmaster elyos EGT Cloth + 15 full magical accuracy +14 ABG Tome fused with Taha tome ABG chain hood remo to witch hat ABG Magic earring & ring & necklace Pvp 50 ring/earring & belt Lucky wings Assassin elyos EGT leather + 15 ABG sword & Flarestorm Sword ABG crit necklace & earring pvp 50 acc for the rest Also has 55 gladi, ranger, sorc ( all ely) & asmo sorc Crafting is maxed out & also has over 5b kinah Account has a bunch of other misc stuff that I cba typing up Pm me if you want SS or anything & also with your offer cause I don't check here Both Siel/Lumiel are on the same account - it's a package deal. You can transfer all the items to one server with server transfers. (1.5k per transfer) thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.