WTS Gamez Aion Account [Siel] - ABGs & Woc Lvl 2

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    ABG Chain SET +15 (Deft Leader Remo)- magic resist +14 ABG Chain Spaulders +15 (Vellie Remodel) - magic resist +14 APP Chain SET +15 (With Masta Pauldrons + masta set skin) - magic resist +14 EGT Chain Set +15 - Full Block +27 ABG Shield x2 +15 - magic resist +14 and block 27 NCC Warhammer +15 10% -silence magic resist +14 ABG magic Acc Set + Sash + Headband ABG Crit Acc Set +leather belt Wings of the Circle (WoC) Lvl 2 - I have two (worth 3 ABG sets each) Stormwings Noble Operative Wings ABG Staff +15 10% Silence Godstone NHDE Greatsword +15 Laegostryos Mace +15 10% Silence Godstone Enraged Masta Cloth Set (Missing shoulders, 6 slots) Misc Items (1k of almost all the scrolls, food, candy, some kinah, enchant items, manastones, craft items) Account has both asmo & elyos Every profession is maxed Pm me for more information or if you'd like to buy things piece by piece.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.