WTS: FURY: Conq 80/10 Barb 80/7 Shammy 80/6 Demon 80/5

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    Hey there! Due to more focusing on real life and giving away my gambling machine, I decided to sell my AoC account (I know that I will cry after selling it). So, lets have a quick check what Im offering here: Conqueror PvP 10,5 - my main character, if u re intersted in stats, it has more then 35k kills and 16k deaths. ****load of tokens still on it (PvP ones as well as PvE ones), best possible gear for PvP, more then decent gear for PvE (full tiger set, tanking gear), etc etc. Barbarian PvP 7 (pretty close to 8) - another nice character, uber gear, uber weapons, fast and deadly rogue Bear Shamman PvP 6 (also pretty close to 7) - what to say, this one was my 2nd char, nice melee healer... Demon PvP 5 - uber range DPS class with mix of khitai gear and some small PvP T2 parts and I believe that even its my last alt, it has PvE T4 ring ) Also need to mention that this one is the only one female and shes focking hot Premium status expired this month, its only up on u what u gonna do, if u re PvPer and wants something like plug and play across all archetypes, this account is the perfect for u. All listed chars got everything what u need and u cant be farmed due to gear or AA gap. For PvE counts the same, chars are geared and fully perked for playing any role in PvE. I invested a lot of time to any of them and they were made with love so please, only serious offers Ofcourse acc inc khitai expansion and turan pack, Conq and demo can ride khitai mounts, rest have a swift (I still prefer to buy teleports due to my laziness ) I dont know what to say more, just ask if u want something to know about this account. I can give u the introduce to any of my chars, give some tips and hints, etc. I can say that I mastered all of them Payment in the best via bank account, I was to lasy to make a paypal account, but if it will be a problem, I will finally create it Cheers!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.