WTS Fully teal Guardian - AMAZING GEAR **CHEAP**

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    Well, I haven't really logged onto LoTRO in the past two months (gametime expires October 28th), so I figured I'd hand the account over to an eager player for a cheap price. [COLOR=#FF0000<span style=]span>[/COLOR] and the account is yours. The Guardian has some of the best gear you can have in the game (whether it be for PvP or PvE) as well as a hefty 22 gold (quite a bit in this game). General info: Female Elven Guardian Server transfer is available. * Full Rift-Defenders set with Congrist (sword obtained from Balrog gem) * Has a house with many great decorations, including Thaach's Blade (gigantic sword trophy obtained from the Balrog). * Ally rep status with Elves of Rivendell and Council of the North. * Has Council of the North rep horse. * 2/5 Helegrod High-Protector's set (Boots/Shoulders) * Full set of Etched Beryl Jewelry (x2 earrings, necklace, x2 rings) * Full set of Mirrored Elven Knight armor, crafted by the character * Various tanking items to swap in and out to maximize your stats as you wish, whether it be high B/P/E or high morale. With my current set of gear on, I reach 23% Block, 16% Parry, 11.8% Evade, and 4k Morale unbuffed. * Rank 5 in PvMP * Grandmaster Metalsmith and Prospector! * All important tanking / dps traits maximized (Fidelity, Innocence, Determination, Justice, Valor, etc). * Books 1-13 completed. * 20 Gold on hand. * All Guardian epic quests completed. * Has access to all legendary Guardian traits (To the King!, Challenge the Darkness, Shield-Bash, Guardian's Threat). I can show screenshots to serious inquiries and other information if requested. Server and character name will be withheld for privacy concerns as the character is still active. Contact: AIM: Xenith112 E-Mail: [email protected] I may have be offline from AIM for a few days so if you don't catch me online, please drop me a notice via e-mail. Thanks! _________
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.