WTS: Full Pvp Chanter (Aion US - Israphel Server)

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    Full PVP geared chanter [Aion US - Israphel Server] I'm selling my Chanter in Aion US server I am the original owner of the account My character has a good reputation in my server and has never been banned nor suspected for anything that would cause discrepancies with my account You can contact me through (check info below) Or by posting a reply on this thread my chanter is fully pvp geared and is currently at 18 months Vet. reward ? Full L50e set +10 and above (Elite Tribunus Chain set) ? +10 Miragent staff fused with 10% pvp attack staff (stuffed with a general godstone 3670 damage for 1%) ? +4 Stormwing's STaff fused with 10% pvp attack staff (no godstone yet)? L30e pvp cloth set for Pve ? L55 pvp accesories (gold)[Headgear/earrings/necklace] ? 2 eternal L55 pvp rings and L50 pvp belt ? I have both stigma tree skills (pve/pvp) [I have all usefull Stigmas for chanters] ? 1 Levitation motion ? 1 Storm wings ? 1 Wing from Radiant token rewards [50 tokens] ? 2 Pets from Crucible rewards ? Decent amount of ap stored in Warehouse ? 50+ gold medals (warehouse) ? 20+ silver medals (warehouse) ? 17 Platinum medals (warehouse) ? Craft: ? Cooking [Master] ? WEaponsmith [Expert] ? Alchemy [399p] ? Master in Aethertapping I also have 2 extra characters: ? Templar (Lv. 41) ? Spiritmaster (Lv. 43) You can reach me through Messenger: [email protected] for more details Starting price is 650 USD (still #)
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