WTS: Full Miragents Chanter and Ranger - Same account! Elyos

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    Both toons still have the free name change tickets along with their alts on the account! You get to name both of them for free, as well as the alts. Alts include: 30 SM (decent gear, nothing special) 32 Cleric (Full Daeva set, +10 Weapon and +10 Shield, also has 399 Alchemy) 33 Sorcerer (Decent gear) 33 Gladiator (Extendable blue level 35 polearm, White Flame Greatsword, which is a fabled level 35... ready to use upon reaching level 35! decent gear otherwise) 32 Cleric (Asmo, not the same as the one above) Collector's Edition account - 9 month rewards, next month is 10. There's about 5.3 million kinah spread across the account, as well as the 12m dress on the Chanter if you wish to sell. Currently on the most 1 sided Elyos server, since the merge we already have all inner forts and lower forts, so AP for items will NOT be a problem =D Characters are on New Zikel. Full Miragents Ranger - +1 miragent bow, uncombined. All good ranger stigmas for the 2 most common ranger builds atm. Stocked with attack speed/flight speed/speed scrolls, and 200 hp and 200 flight time AP pots. Has 5 Hot Pink dyes which were won in an event, make your armor truely stand out as almost no one has or uses these. 399 Essencetapping 449 Cooking 399 Tailoring 399 Handicraft Full Miragents Chanter - +2 miragents staff, uncombined. Socketed MR, has all good Chanter stigmas, currently mountain crash build, very powerful vs casters. Jeshuchi's Warhammer (extendable mace) and +1 Zapiel's Shield for support spec. Has 198 AP flight pots and 200+ AP health pots, and flightspeed/speed scrolls. 399 Essencetapping 399 Aethertapping 449 Expert Armorsmith 130 Alchemy This is a very nice account, lots of work went into it, 2 well geared toons and lots of alts to play on for non-stop fun. Taking offers, contact details are below.
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