WTS: Full +15 Augment Gladiator with +15 Distorted Dragon Lord's Greed (extend)

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    Run through Rancora and show off how powerful you truly are. Slay your opponents with just a few strikes! You will be amazed with how powerful you will be with this Gladiator! This Gladiator is Equipped with the TOP gear that includes: Weapons: Distorted Dragon Lord's Greed (Level 60 extendable polearm) +15!! w/ SILENCE GS Commander Bakarma's Spear +15! w/ SILENCE GS Tiamat Guard's Greatsword +10 (19% proc version!) w/ Blind GS Dual Wield Set:: Sky Dragon's Emperor's Durable Dagger- +15!! w/ 1880 water 2% gold GS Laksyaka's Mace-+10! w/ 3760 GOLD 1% FIRE GS Bow: Sky Dragon Emperor's Durable Bow- +15! w/ Silence GS! Headgear: Sunayaka's Hairpin! Full 60 Augment 2 Eternal 5/5 +15!!!! Guardian Commander's Divine Breastplate +15! (Full Crit Strike +17) Guardian Commander's Divine Greaves +15! (Full Accuracy +27) Guardian Commander's Divine Gauntlets +15! (Has full composite Magical Accuracy/ Accuracy Manastones) Guardian Commander's Divine Sabatons +15! (Full Crit Strike +17) Guardian Commander's Divine Shoulderplates +15! (Full Crit Strike +17) Accessories: Full Guardian Brigade General Corundum Set! Guardian Brigade General's Corundum Necklace Guardian Brigade General's Corundum Earrings x2 Guardian Brigade General's Corundum Ring x2 Guardian Brigade General's Corundum Belt Full Tiamat Stronghold Gear for your PvE Enjoyment! Tiamat Guard's Breastplate +1 Tiamat Guard's Greaves +3 Tiamat Guard's Shoulderplates +1 Tiamat Guard's Sabatons +1 Tiamat Guard's Gauntlets +1 Full 40 Elite set as well +15 for your alternate set or transfer it to an alt! Elite Guardian Centurion's Breastplate +15! Elite Guardian Centurion's Greaves +15! Elite Guardian Centurion's Shoulderplates +15! Elite Guardian Centurion's Sabatons +15! Elite Guardian Centurion's Gauntlets +15! Wings: The best wing's in game so far! Dramatica's Bone Wings! One of the best mounts in game! SHARPTOOTH RIPPER! Abyss Points and medals: Over 300k in Abyss Point items and 50 Mithril Medals and counting! Platinum Medal x103 Kahrun Symbols x 1957! Has the Draining Sword Stigma Tree as well as PvP spec stigmas! This account also has a 50 twink sin that is in Semi-Decent Gear. If you have anymore questions about this account, don't be shy to send me a message as to what other information you want to know! Asking price: $1,200.00 US, for the link to buy- send me a message.
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