WTS: Firefoot 65 Minstrel Full Helegrod, Moria Set Rank 5 PvP

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    I am currently selling my 65 Minstrel Firefoot!, I have started playing Everquest progression server and went back to my old gaming habits. I just quit playing LOTRO last week, there is still one full month on the account as of 3/23/2011. This character is raid ready and is home to one of the best kin's on the server. A perfect character to instantly start raiding in update 2 and start the new book released on the 22nd. My main character is a 65 Minstrel- Equipment: Full Set of Helegrod Armor- It is the full set of Silver-Voice armor. Here is the link to look at the stats, although it not longer adds Radiance as they have just removed it from the game in update 2. I also own the full Moria set, The Mighty Verse set. Character has plenty of medallions for Loth, Mirkwood and Moria. I currently have 3 Second age 65 Books, 1 60 First Age book, 2 Second Age 65 clubs and 1 60 First Age Club, along with Filikul's club. I had just bought 2 new ones but all the others are maxed to level 70 with Scroll of Delving's, and all the tiers are maxed rank with Scroll of Empowerment's. Jewelry lorebook.lotro/wiki/Item:Curuloch lorebook.lotro/wiki/Item:Curunechor lorebook.lotro/wiki/Item:Orod-din Full set of Mirkwood Jewelry as I am a jeweler and full set of epic Lothlorien jewelery to switch in and out depending if I am in raid or moors. Cloak: lotro.allakhazam/db/item.html?lotritem=14208 lotro.allakhazam/db/item.html?lotritem=14215 I also switch in and out depending on moors or if I need power/will. Character has done every instance in game, rank 5 PvP (HIGH ENOUGH TO GET NEW SETS!!!), All Legendary skills, known as one of the best minstrel's on the server, Finished all book quests to the newly released book as of 3 days ago, Volume 3. This is a supreme character, maxed in jewelry, prospecting and cook. Send me a message for any questions, I would trade for Everquest Platinum/items on Fippy but not taking any risks. Will give more information to interested buyers. FOR some reason I cant upload pictures keeps saying unable to load/move pictures, email me for pictures, etc.
Thread Status:
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