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    all accounts other then the one stated at bottom are the same account wise as stated below. check them out. more new info, sept. 29 last day you can make a payment for a monthly. then you will have to wait till 2.0 releases to play. also if make a payment prior then you get to play for free month till the shutdown b4 2.0 launches. good time to jump in is right now. get an extra month of free play in game b4 2.0 new info for 2.0, we will get free change of race/gender since we getting new graphics and possibly new race and genders. great time to jump into the game and see the old move into the new 2.0. No gil with account. no quests or missions have been completed so you can do them all for the free exp and or storyline for it all. simple account with lots of classes leveled up and subs done, no gear, no choco yet but it has the gobbue mount witch is the same speed as choco and is unattainable after next patch. no gear but you can easily be wearing best crafted gear with best materia with 1 or 2mil depending on how crazy you go with the materia. you also get to chose your own city faction and create your own chocobo's name. very good starter account to pop into game with and jump right into the fun stuff without grinding classes all day. send me a tell if you have any questions i can answer for you. tyvm gungnir server 2rank 50's all subs ...asking price $170.00 gla32 pug40 mar30 lnc33 arc50 con30 thm50 1rank 50 all subs ...asking price $100.00 gla25 pug25 mar50 lnc33 arc24 con25 thm26 gld26 pug24 mar23 lnc27 arc23 con50 thm32 gld25 pug50 mar26 lnc23 arc24 con23 thm27 gld27 pug25 mar26 lnc50 arc26 con23 thm23 gld50 pug25 mar25 lnc25 arc26 con25 thm25 balmung server 1rank subs 25 ...asking price $100.00 gla25 pug25 mar25 lnc25 arc25 con25 thm50 gla25 pug25 mar25 lnc50 arc25 con25 thm25 gla25 pug25 mar25 lnc50 arc25 con25 thm25 gla25 pug25 mar25 lnc25 arc25 con25 thm50 all rank 50's except 1 rank 47 ..asking price $350.00 gld50 pug50 mar50 lnc47 arc50 con50 thm50 gld50 pug47 mar50 lnc50 arc50 con50 thm50 fishing rank 21 gld50 pug47 mar50 lnc50 arc50 con50 thm50 gld50 pug50 mar47 lnc50 arc50 con50 thm50 1rank 50 and 1 rank 48 all subs ...asking price $170.00 gld48 pug25 mar25 lnc23 arc25 con50 thm25 gld48 pug26 mar25 lnc23 arc25 con50 thm25 gld25 pug50 mar23 lnc25 arc27 con48 thm26 gld24 pug50 mar26 lnc48 arc25 con23 thm27 asking price..$450.00 gld50 pug50 mar50 lnc50 arc50 con50 thm48 (has choco ready, can name it at stables to access it right away, kills by fire dungeon quest done so all dungeons are accessable.) many quests from jobs complete(all have job stones),mostly spells/moves, still lot of af quests to do.) gallant coronet helm gladiator, blm helm only af gear wise) rank 8fishing and 3mil gil with account, also 350flame seals and couple of nm pieces to hand in for flame seals.
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