WTS Famous and Rare Amarr Pilot - 74.000.000 SP

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    Selling my character. I will pay for the character transfer after receiving the payment. Around 74.000.000 SP Security Status 5.01 REMAP AVAILABLE ! Full implants +4 Around 1.5B Asset (2 Battleship + 1 Command Ship + 1 Battlecruiser : full fit Tech 2) Mission L4 access with agent L4 Q18 Friendly with all 4 Empire factions Perfect template * Can pilot all Amarr ships up to Mothership * Can pilot all industrial Ships (including capital) * God in PvP (check his stat) * God in PvE (same) * God in Mining (Hulk full fit T2+ Mining Implant + Rorqual) Can wear all implants. (with Cybernetic V) I ask 790 dollars for it. (Paypal verified only) It's what it cost me with subscription fee during 5 years.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.