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    $125 for 9 accounts. All accounts of mine last played was earlier this year when I quit after finding out sales were stopped on all content you can buy from the server manager. I have made back then the first purchase of level 50 charm on my paladin which was $200 I think at the time, and was going to purchase the rest later on but then quit after all sales were closed off. So here is what I got. I logged each on to get a few details for here. Need the money and had remembered I had these accounts on EZ Server from earlier this year. About 200-250k plat over all accounts. And a few fighter and caster guild items to sell for more plat. 1. 70 Paladin - Level 50 Oracles Charm $200 purchased during the time. Fighters Guild Member, Epic 3.0 (one hander) and the 3.0 (two hander), cazic thule pet clicky buff, various disguises. 2. 70 Shaman - Epic 3.0 and Caster Guild Member. 3. 70 Monk - Epic 3.0 x 2 main and offhand. Several disguises and Fighters Guild Member. 4. 70 Mage - Epic 3.0, Casters Guild Member, several disguises as well. 5. 70 Bard - Epic 3.0 x2 main and offhand, and Casters Guild Member. 6. 70 Warrior - Epic 3.0 x2 main and offhand, Fighters Guild Member, and several disguises. 7. 70 Cleric - Casters Guild Member. 8. 70 Paladin - Epic 3.0 main hand, Fighters Guild Member, and clicky pet buff. 9. 70 Druid - Epic 3.0, Casters Guild Member, and about 300k worth fighter caster guild items to sell to other players. Looking for $125 for all. All accounts can be yours for only $125. Makes an awesome start if you are new to EZ Server or wanting to play on this emulator server and never have to worry about buying another subscription to retail EQ. me at everquestt if interested
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