WTS Everquest 2 PvP Account Nagafen- Evil

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    Hello, i have following Account to offer: 200+plat 25 unopen packs LoN soon 4 years reward void wings on main (rare LoN ingame lootcard) rare fire hore on Coercer (rare LoN Card) some Dark energy Cloaks and much more Main: Halfling Female Level 80 Warden - Mythical full PvP Armor - Adorments 400/400 Tinkerer 200 aa points 40p Icemare Horse 80 Alchemist 1. Toon Fae Female Level 80 Coercer - Epic (Illusionist Epic aswell) full PvP Armor - Adorments 190 plus aa points 80 Carpenter 2. Toon Darkelf Female Level 80 Paladin - Epic (just need levi and VP) full PvP Armor and Jewlery - Adorments 190 plus aa points 40p Icemare Horse 3. Toon Arasai Female Level 80 Warlock - Epic full t2 Shard armor 160plus aa points 4. Toon Ratonga Female Level 80 Ranger - Epic full t2 Shard Armor 140plus aa points 80 Woodworker 5. Toon Human Female Level 50 Defiler just made cus i was bored 6. Toon Human Female Level 22 Troubador for some low PvP, max aa for that Level Please Text me if you are interessted (with offer) or if any questions THX
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.