WTS: EVE Online PLEX $8 / ISK $17.5 per bil - PayPal VerifiedMiddleman Seller Guide

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    ***IN STOCK*** 15 Bil ISK=$17.5/each 25 PLEX=$8/each FIRST and FOREMOST Being new to and having no rating I agree on trading 1 plex at a time in order to build up reputation and to establish long term deals. All PLEXs are bought off market ingame with ISK made from null sec ratting (0.0 anomalies, expeditions). If needed I can also provide ingame screenshots or whatever proof you need. Trades can be settled by PM or: email: eve.trades at ! Messenger: eve.trades I am active on other similar websites also. PAYMENT (PAYPAL verified only). DELIVERY The PLEX can be delivered via contract in high sec, although other methods are available, details will be set by PM. DEALS If you are interested in rare/faction/officer ships/items or anything ingame PM me and it can be done.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.