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    IN STOCK - 20 Plexes We are selling packs of 5 plexes. If you are buying more then one pack please contact us for discounts. Contact : Trades can be settled by PM or: Email: eve.trades at ! Messenger: eve.trades : Eve.Trades Please post in the thread before you contact us. PAYMENT For the moment we accept only Verified Paypal. More options coming soon. DELIVERY The PLEX can be delivered via contract in high sec, although other methods are available, details will be set by PM. DEALS If you are interested in rare/faction/officer ships/items or anything ingame PM me and it can be done. IMPORTANT Read before even THINKING about Purchasing: Failure to do ANY of these steps will result in a full refund immediately. How You Will Pay: 1) Paypal Verified Only 2) Send as gift 3) Copy & Paste in message of payment: "I will not dispute this payment as this transaction is for a purchase of virtual goods. With this payment, I am acknowledging that I am satisfied with what I have bought and realize that it is in working conditions." 4)You will pay first. 5)Enjoy the goods Terms of Service & Customer Agreement: You as a buyer will not refund any of these payments, all sales are final. We are not responsible for anything that happens to goods AFTER the sale is complete. Once you have the goods, you are on your own. As a buyer, you are agreeing to all that was stated above. All PLEXs are bought off market ingame with ISK made from null sec ratting (0.0 anomalies, expeditions).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.