WTS: Eve-Online Character 65M SP, Primary Focus on Science/Industry, Can Mission w/ Raven

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    I am the origional owner of this character. Character will have at least 2b isk in wallet. Approximate value of all assets on account is not less than 3b isk. Assets include Obelisk, Orca, Navy Raven, and many more. Character has a +5 Implant set with one additional jump clone. Character will be in high-sec, Empire space. Character has a +0.5 Standing. Standings with factions include: 8.37 Ammatar Mandate 7.99 Mordu's Legion Command 7.59 Caldari State 7.58 Amarr Empire Character has 6 level 4 research agents, approximate RP is 40k each. Character Skill Sheet Attributes Intelligence: 33.00 Perception: 25.30 Charisma: 22.00 Willpower: 22.00 Memory: 23.10 High Lights Corporation Management Sovereignty Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,841,333 Drones Total Skillpoints in Group: 975,295 Electronics Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,747,538 Engineering Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,316,550 Gunnery Total Skillpoints in Group: 92,175 Industry Advanced Mass Production Arkonor Processing Bistot Processing Crokite Processing Deep Core Mining Ice Harvesting Production Efficiency Refinery Efficiency Scrapmetal Processing Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,587,327 Leadership Mining Director Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,309,119 Learning Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,376,000 Mechanic Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,732,078 Missile Launcher Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 9,171,830 Navigation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,893,255 Science Advanced Laboratory Operation Amarr Encryption Methods Archaeology Astrogeology Astrometric Acquisition Astrometric Pinpointing Astrometric Rangefinding Astrometrics Caldari Encryption Methods Electromagnetic Physics Electronic Engineering Gallente Encryption Methods Gallentean Starship Engineering Graviton Physics Hacking High Energy Physics Hydromagnetic Physics Laser Physics Mechanical Engineering Minmatar Encryption Methods Minmatar Starship Engineering Molecular Engineering Nuclear Physics Plasma Physics Quantum Physics Rocket Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 15,283,458 Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,328,084 Spaceship Command Exhumers Industrial Command Ships Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,898,615 Trade Tycoon Total Skillpoints in Group: 4,895,060 Total Skillpoints: 64,447,717 Total Number of Skills: 189 Skills at Level 1: 2 Skills at Level 2: 10 Skills at Level 3: 29 Skills at Level 4: 69 Skills at Level 5: 79 $800 for this character.
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