WTS: EvE Online Char - 103 mill SP mainly PVP some Industry / Science / PI

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    103 mio SP, 238 Skills Ships: Archon, Abaddon, Curse, 2xZealot, Prorator, crusader, Char is maxed for Amarr Ships, can fly all ships, Carrier, Dread, Supercarrier, logistics lvl5, HAC lvl5, T3, drones: 11 MSP (Fighters lvl5) Gunnery: 19 MSP (95% on Amarr guns) industry: 7 MSP (can do production, maxed refining, Mining) leadership: 4.2 MSP navigation: 9.7 MSP (all skills to lvl5) planet management: 3 MSP science: 5.2 MSP (BP research, 4 lvl4 Research agents currently 266.000 RP available) spaceship command: 30 MSP (amarr BS 5, amarr carrier 5, amarr dread 5, amarr strat. cr. lvl5, battlecruisers 5, command ships lvl5, exhumers lvl5, heavy assault ships lvl5, logistics lvl5, mining barge lvl5, recon ships lvl5, minmatar cruiser lvl5) 514 tactical bookmarks mostly in 0.0 space 4 jumpclones, 2 in emprie, 2 in 0.0 space current clone has a set of +4 implants attributes: int 24 perc 24 char 20 WP 25 Mem 25 2 remaps available standings: amarr empire 4.97 Carthum Conglomerate 8.0 (all agents useable) Ammatar fleet 5.2 (lvl4 agents) Sec Status 0.3 Char and all assetes are in a 0.3 close to emprie. lots of assets (t2 mods and ammo) 1.8 Bill ISK in cash 5500 AUR 260.000 RP Assets wort 5.0 Bill ISK according to jEveassetes 2.1.1 The Pilot is worth at least 30 bill ISK and may fetch up to 60 bill on EVE-O Char Bazar. once payment is received i will transfer the char to your account, alternatively you can buy the whole account. I will pay for Char transfer. Ill take $ via paypal gift. Post here first please AIM : tzfal or PM me Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.