WTS EVE Online ACCOUNT 56mil sp

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    Hi all im want to sell on my 56mil+ sp account due to having no time now to go online. i've been playing EVE for just over 6yrs with a few breaks and just want get a decent offer for my account. Attributes Intelligence: 19 Perception: 26 Charisma: 22 Willpower: 24 Memory: 19 Corporation Management level4. Anchoring level4.` Corporation Management level3. Ethnic Relations Total Skillpoints in Group: 197,020 Drones level5. Combat Drone Operation level4. Drone Durability level4. Drone Interfacing level5. Drone Navigation level5. Drone Sharpshooting level5. Drones level4. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing level4. Gallente Drone Specialization level4. Heavy Drone Operation level2. Mining Drone Operation level4. Minmatar Drone Specialization level4. Repair Drone Operation level5. Scout Drone Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,032,244 Electronics level4. Cloaking level4. Electronic Warfare level5. Electronics level5. Electronics Upgrades level4. Frequency Modulation level4. Long Distance Jamming level5. Long Range Targeting level5. Propulsion Jamming level1. Sensor Linking level4. Signal Dispersion level5. Signature Analysis level3. Survey level4. Target Painting level3.Targeting level3. Weapon Disruption Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,385,615 Engineering level4. EM Shield Compensation level4. Energy Emission Systems level5.Energy Grid Upgrades level5. Energy Management level3. Energy Pulse Weapons level5. Energy Systems Operation level5. Engineering level4. Explosive Shield Compensation level4. Kinetic Shield Compensation level5. Shield Compensation level4. Shield Emission Systems level4. Shield Management level5. Shield Operation level5. Shield Upgrades level4.Tactical Shield Manipulation level4. Thermic Shield Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,947,854 Gunnery level5. Advanced Weapon Upgrades level5.Gunnery level4. Large Artillery Specialization level4. Large Autocannon Specialization level4. Large Hybrid Turret level5. Large Projectile Turret level5.Medium Artillery Specialization level4. Medium Autocannon Specialization level4. Medium Blaster Specialization level5. Medium Hybrid Turret level5. Medium Projectile Turret level5. Motion Prediction level5. Rapid Firing level5. Sharpshooter level4. Small Artillery Specialization level4. Small Autocannon Specialization level4. Small Blaster Specialization level3. Small Energy Turret level5. Small Hybrid Turret level5. Small Projectile Turret level5. Surgical Strike level4. Trajectory Analysis level5. Weapon Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 11,516,473 Industry level2. Deep Core Mining level2. Ice Harvesting level5. Industry level2. Mass Production level5. Mining level1. Mining Upgrades level4. Plagioclase Processing level1. Production Efficiency level4. Refining level4. Scordite Processing level4. Veldspar Processing Total Skillpoints in Group: 757,968 Leadership level5. Leadership level4. Warfare Link Specialist Total Skillpoints in Group: 527,530 Mechanic level3. Armor Rigging level3. Astronautics Rigging level3. Electronic Superiority Rigging level4. EM Armor Compensation level4. Explosive Armor Compensation level5. Hull Upgrades level3. Jury Rigging level4. Kinetic Armor Compensation level3.Launcher Rigging level5. Mechanic level3. Projectile Weapon Rigging level3. Remote Armor Repair Systems level4. Repair Systems level4. Salvaging level3. Shield Rigging level4. Thermic Armor Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,487,060 Missile Launcher Operation level3. Bomb Deployment level4. Cruise Missile Specialization level5. Cruise Missiles level2. Defender Missiles level2. FoF Missiles level5. Guided Missile Precision level4. Heavy Assault Missile Specialization level5. Heavy Assault Missiles level5. Heavy Missile Specialization level5. Heavy Missiles level4. Missile Bombardment level5. Missile Launcher Operation level4. Missile Projection level5. Rapid Launch level3. Rocket Specialization level5. Rockets level4. Standard Missiles level5. Target Navigation Prediction level4. Torpedo Specialization level5. Torpedoes level5. Warhead Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 10,599,370 Navigation level4. Afterburner level5. Evasive Maneuvering level4. High Speed Maneuvering level5. Navigation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,039,530 Planet Management level4. Remote Sensing Total Skillpoints in Group: 45,255 Science level3. Archaeology level5. Astrogeology level4. Astrometric Pinpointing level3. Astrometric Rangefinding level4. Astrometrics level2. Cybernetics level4. Graviton Physics level3. Hacking level2. Infomorph Psychology level5. Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,736,749 Social level4. Connections level5. Diplomacy level4. Negotiation level5. Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 738,275 Spaceship Command level4. Assault Ships level5. Battlecruisers level5. Caldari Battleship level5. Caldari Cruiser level5. Caldari Frigate level4. Command Ships level4. Covert Ops level5. Destroyers level4. Electronic Attack Ships level4. Exhumers level4. Gallente Battleship level5.Gallente Cruiser level5. Gallente Frigate level4. Heavy Assault Ships level4. Interceptors level4. Interdictors level4. Logistics level4. Marauders level5. Mining Barge level5. Minmatar Battleship level5. Minmatar Cruiser level5. Minmatar Frigate level4. Minmatar Industrial level4. Minmatar Strategic Cruiser level4. ORE Industrial level4. Recon Ships level5. Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 16,682,419 Subsystems level5. Minmatar Defensive Systems level4. Minmatar Electronic Systems level4. Minmatar Engineering Systems level4. Minmatar Offensive Systems level4. Minmatar Propulsion Systems Total Skillpoints in Group: 507,817 Total Skillpoints: 56,201,179 Total Number of Skills: 172 Skills at Level 0: 1 Skills at Level 1: 3 Skills at Level 2: 8 Skills at Level 3: 19 Skills at Level 4: 76 Skills at Level 5: 65 please make offers in BGP Many Thanks Andy
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