WTS - EVE Online Account 105+ mil Skill Points (MUST SEE!!!)

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hi, I will make this brief. I have been playing EVE Online since it came out. I have several characters to sell off, one of which is an account that comprises of a character with 105+ million skill points. That account also has 20 billion isk and about another 40 billion isk in assets (ships, mods, implants, etc...). He is a purely PVP spec character. He can fly every ship in the game (Tech 1, Tech 2 and Tech 3). I also have a 69 mill SP PvP character, trained to fly Minmatar, Caldari and Gallente ships. I also have a 61 Mil SP Industrial Character with Rorqual, Jump Freighter, Regular Freighter. Can manufacture anything. I am not going to post the information, but will share it with those that are serious about purchasing the characters. I will not accept Paypal (due to the high amount of scams), and will only accept payment via a certified cheque by mail or by a wired transfer through Western Union ( be careful to use Western Union, you are not protected.). Sorry, those are my terms. Message me if you want more details.
Thread Status:
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