WTS: Eve Online - 75b isk at 30$/1000m isk

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    I have a total of 75b isk which i want to sell at 30$/1000m isk - negatiable. All my money comes from my own hard work (i play since 2004) and I have never bought or sold any ISK before. Ever. My accounts are therefore entirely legit and not flagged or connected to any isk laundry character/ scheme, any other isk selling characters, macrofarmers or anything. I`m looking for a fast deal, but that does not mean I'm looking for a quick buck at the expense of security. I prefer a one-time sale to minimize risks (for both me and the buyers) of detection by CCP. I`ve come up with an idea how to do this in safe way, it will involve us spending some time together in game, something about 30-60 min. Copied from someone else post : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer I will not accept Credit Card funded payments in PayPal. If your PayPal account is directly funded by yours/your parents credit card then do not bother contacting me/placing a bid. If you do send me money using a Credit Card, I am not responsible for it and it is up to you to get it back (as I will not send it back, due to PayPal's 'ChargeBack' mechanics). However, if your PayPal is funded by a bank, I will conduct the exchange with you. You are expected to follow the 'Claim and Cancel' procedure in order to trade with me, to ensure I am safe in this transaction. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to any buyer I am suspicious of, or cancel the sale at any time during it for my own safety. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me know if you want us to make a deal at [email protected], or on the same mail, add me on .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.