WTS: EVE-O Account, 3 Chars, 40 Mil+ SP Combined, Many Billions in ISK and Assets

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hey all. I need to raise funds for my upcoming move, and as I haven't touched EvE in a long time and don't see myself returning, I'm interested in selling off my account. I want to keep the hassle to a minimum, so I'll be selling the whole thing as a single unit; sorry, but I can't parcel out characters, ISK, ships, etc. I'd hope to keep this thread open for about a week or until I get a few decent offers, so please make me an offer. Paypal only, please. Also, no game time will come with this purchase. I was only able to get my screenshots because I'm currently on a five day reactivation (so I suppose if you buy it tonight you'll get a few days worth, ha). These characters have not had their portraits reconfigured in the new system, so you can make them look how you like. It's probably worth noting that all three of these characters have been in Goonswarm, should that matter to you. The three characters and their basic attributes are as follows, with documentary screenshots at the end. Character one is a general purpose utility alt that I used for mining, T2 Hauling, exploration, salvage, trade, etc. It has a pretty well-rounded skill set, and I think it wouldn't be too much trouble to turn it into a cap pilot if you wished. It's currently sitting on 2.2bil isk, with some valuable assets including invention gear, ****tons of fully researched BPOs and BPCs, T2 BPCs, a mammoth, a prowler, and a cheetah. 14.9 Mil SP plus another 300k unassigned. Please see the screenshot for details. Character two is a combat character specializing in small ships. It's currently flying a fitted out T3 Loki and always performed pretty decently in combat. Gunnery could use a bit of work, but it wouldn't take much time to alter it how you like. .8bil ISK, 14.8mil SP plus 300k unassigned. Character three is an invention/production/research specialist. It is currently sitting on a ****load of research points as I haven't logged in for ages. There's easily 4-5bil ISK in datacores on this character. 100mil isk, 10.8 SP. Screenshots: Character one: ://i54.tinypic/28wcoyp.jpg Character one's assets: Character two: ://i51.tinypic/1zf7p1k.jpg Character two's assets, including the Loki: Character three: ://i52.tinypic/34xnq81.jpg Character three's wallet and research points:
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