WTS: EVE 5 Pilot Blowout - 110m SP Subcap/ 95m SP Nyx / 70m SP+ others - TWO Supercarriers

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    Okay, so I've decided to finally take the time to put up a sale thread for my fine EVE accounts. Each pilot has been specifically trained to be ultra specialized in its role with almost zero waste. That fact alone makes these pilots very exclusive, not taking into account the sheer amount of skill points they each have. This is your chance to obtain a dream team, you can be a one man army ready for anything PvP related in the universe. With this assortment of pilots you can join any alliance of your choosing and YOU ALONE can be a powerhouse that rivals smaller alliances. I would prefer to sell the accounts in a bundle together, but will accept offers on each account separately. A note, all of these pilots are located in the same lowsec system and are 95% packed and ready to move to a new home. Thankfully you have a scout, a carrier, two super carriers, and a jump freighter operating at the same time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our first pilot, and the core of the operation. 110m Skill Point Perfected Sub capital Pilot Approx. 10-15b in assets. - Under 500k SP that AREN'T tied to PvP efficiency. That's less than 0.4% waste... unimaginable on a 100m+ pilot. - 24m SP in Gunnery. All weapon systems at rank 5 with many weapon specs at rank 5 including Large Auto cannon & Large Pulse. - 11m SP in Missiles to satisfy any bombardment needs. - 39m SP in Spaceship Command. Every PvP sub capital ship trained to 5, Tech 1 & Tech 2. Yes, even Blackops and Marauders. - Skilled to fly all Tech 3 ships with all offensive subsystems at 5 at the very least. - Every other relevant sub captial PvP skill trained to 5. Armor comps 5, Drone skills, overheating skills, you name it. - Has a set of HG Slaves, HG Crystals, and Talismans. What kind of pimpmobiles does this guy have in his hangar? Well here's what is not sitting in the Super carriers. - TWO Machariels. Both have some faction/deadspace/officer mods. These are fitted for insanely skilled gorilla PvP. - Archon for transporting and logistical purposes. - A few Gallante BS including a Megathron, Hyperion and others. All fitted for their own style of PvP. - Another 10 ships used for day to day PvP in the area. This is just what is in his current station. There are roughly 15-20 other T2/T3 ships split between the two Super carrier hangars ready for re-location. I packed the most expensive first! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's the big boy. This guy is a pimp. 95m Skill Point Flawless Erebus/Nyx Pilot - Currently sitting in his Nyx Approx. 35-40b in assets. 3-7b in maintenance bay between both SC. - Perfect Nyx pilot, as he is sitting in it. - 27m SP in Spaceship Command. Capital Ships 5, Gallente Carrier 5, GALLENTE TITAN 5. - Absolutely ready for his Erebus. Doomsday Operation 5, Jump Portal Generation 5, and Capital Hybrid Turret 5. - 5.5m SP In Navigation. All capital skills at 5. - Sitting with HG Slaves + Armor Implants. He's chilling in a fully Deadspace/Officer fitted Nyx Super carrier. Deadspace resistance mods / Officer smart bombs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wouldn't it be nice to have another Super carrier pilot just to be that much more intimidating. 45m Skill Point Extremely Focused Aeon Pilot - Currently sitting in her Aeon Approx. 30-35b in assets. 3-7b in maintenance bay between both SC. - Very rare to have a pilot so focused at ~45m SP. - All relevant Carrier skills trained to 5. Amarr Carrier 5, Fighters 5, Armor comps 5. - Of course a set of HG Slaves + Armor Implants. Her Aeon is also fitted quite nicely. Not as much bling as the Nyx, but has her fair share of officer/deadspace/faction. X-Type tank of course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Even though this guy has less skill points, he may be the rarest trained of the bunch. 70m Skill Point Fleet Booster / Scout / Cov-ops Pilot Approx. 5-7b in assets. - VERY RARE Perfect Fleet Booster. 14m SP in Leadership. Couldn't ask for more for a PvP combat alt. - Flys all Command Ships at 5. - Flys all T3 Boosters perfectly with all defensive subsystems at 5. - 7.3m in Science for Scanning/Exploration. All probing skills at 5. - Very good Falcon wing man. Recon Ships 5 with 5m SP in Electronics. - Cloaking & Cyno 5 for Blackops - Salvaging 5 for sneaky T2 salvaging after fights. In his hangar sits: - At least one of each Cloaky T3 Fleet Boosters - A few Command Ships - A handful of Cov-ops/Recons ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Someone has to carry all this crap. 8.5m SP Jump Freighter Pilot / Hauler Approx. 8b in assets (cost of JF). Another 5-10b in mods/assets for transport. - Amarr Industrial 5 - Amarr Freighter4 / Jump Freighters 3 - 4.5m SP in Navigation. Jump Drive Operations & Calibration 5. - Transport Ships trained Of course this lowly employee is sleeping in his Ark at the station ready for orders. He has a ton of all the other pilots stuff packed up in the cargo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So there you have it. Each pilot has it's own account except for the Aeon pilot and Jump freighter pilot who are both on the same account (you never want to jump a freighter and a super carrier at the same time). Both SC's are logged off in safe spots in a quiet lowsec system which has multiple connections to highsec ranging from 1-4 jumps out. All other pilots are docked at the same station ready to roll. I don't have specific pricing in mind, but will be open to offers on the bundle or separately. I would be more willing to strike a better deal with all pilots. No, I will not transfer all the pilots to all your separate accounts. This sale is for the pilots and the accounts they come with. Once you have possession of the account you are free to do what you'd like. Post here, PM me, or email me at [email protected]
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