[WTS] EuW s2 gold 1700ish elo 44 GOOD Champions w/ skins

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    Selling my second league account, it is currently gold rated and has all the season 2 gold rewards such as a loading screen boarder, summoner icon and War Hero Janna skin. It has 44 of the more expensive champions, and almost every champion has a skin with a few exceptions. Account also has all the summoner icons from the Halloween event which may no longer be obtained Skin List Underworld Twisted Fate Blood Lord Vladimir Samurai Yi Unchained Alistar Dark Crystal Ryze Super Teemo Riot Girl Tristana Nemesis Jax Augmented Singed Hextech Anivia Sad Robot Amumu Victorious Janna Bloodstone Taric Tyrant Swain Sandstorm Katarina Boom Boom Blitzcrank Ravager Nocturne Cryocore Brand General Wukong Bladecraft Orianna Death Blossom Elise Mythic Cassiopeia Muay Thai Lee Sin Heartseeker Vayne Blood Moon Akali Frosted Ezreal Undertaker Yorick Shadow Prince Malzahar Foxfire Ahri Warlord Shen Deep Sea Kog'Maw Mafia Graves Soul Reaver Draven Full Metal Jayce Lord Darius Mecha Kha'Zix Photos is 2 Weeks Old
Thread Status:
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