WTS: [EUW] Level 30 ♦ Season 2 & 3 Gold ♦ 90 Champions ♦ 40 Skins + RARES ♦ Honor Ribbon

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    Selling this great EUW account that has gold border, currently in gold division III, lots of champions, RARE skins, and a teamwork honor ribbon. I am Verified with lots of positive feedback! Add me on : romoabel PRICE: $195 Details: - 90 Champions - 40 Skins (including Slay Belle Katarina, Riot Graves, Bad Santa Veigar, Underworld Twisted Fate, and more) - Teamwork Honor Ribbon - Season 2 Gold border and icon - Season 3 Gold Division III Skins: foxfire ahri frostfire annie woad ashe nightmare chogath urfrider corki masquerade evelynn nottingham ezreal pulsefire ezreal atlantean fizz toy soldier gangplank riot graves aviator irelia frostblade irelia tempest janna victorious janna angler jax jaximus slay belle katarina judgement kayle arctic kennen karate kennen lion dance kogmaw traditional lee sin sasquatch nunu dark crystal ryze hextech sion emerald taric dragonblade talon cottontail teemo rocket girl tristana riot girl tristana highland tryndamere underworld twisted fate high noon twisted fate primal udyr heartseeker vayne bad santa veigar leprauchaun veigar volcanic wukong yellow jacket shen
Thread Status:
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