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    Its been a while since im not playing this game activly so there we go its time to sell my account : About the account i've never been banned,warned or anything like that Here u can see what i have (all the rune pages are full of runes just i didnt wanted to make 20pics to show you..if anyone is interested of buying np i'll say the acc name and he can check) simageshack.us/scaled/large/843/lol1vs.jpg simageshack.us/scaled/large/40/lol2be.jpg simageshack.us/scaled/large/803/lol3x.jpg simageshack.us/scaled/large/829/lol4r.jpg simageshack.us/scaled/large/27/lol5ly.jpg simageshack.us/scaled/large/90/loll6.jpg Skins : huh Ahri- Midnight Ahri Akali - Blood moon akali Alistar - Unchained alistar Amumu - Pharaoh Amumu Anivia - Bird of prey Annie - frost annie Caitlyn- Sheriff and Officer caitlyn Cho - Nightmare Cho Corki - Hot Rod Corki Diana - Dark Valkyrie Dr.Mundo - Toxic Mundo (idk if can be bought) Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal Fizz - Tundra fizz GP- Muteman Gankplank Gragas - Esq gragas graves - Hired Gun Graves Irelia- Infiltrator Irelia and Nightblade Janna - Hextech and Victorious (s2 gold) Jarvan IV - Dragonslayer and Victorious(from s1 gold) Jax - Angler jax Kayle - Judgment Kayle Kenen - Deadly kennen,Swamp Master,Arctic Ops kennen Kog maw- Sonoran kog and Monarch kog Leblanc - Misletoe leblanc (cannot be bought anymore) Lee - Traditional lee Lux - Steel legion lux Malphite - Marble malphite Malzahar - Shadow prince Maokai - Totemic Maokai Assasin Master yi MF- Waterloo Miss Fortune Morde - Dragon Knight Morde (also cannot be bought anymore i think) Morgana - Sinful Morgana Nasus - Dreadknight nasus Nidalee - Leopard nida Nocturne - Haunting nocturne ( from halloween also cannot be bought) Pantheon - Full metal pantheon Oriana - Sewn Chaos orianna Riven - Bunny riven Ryze - tribal ryze Shaco - Royal Shaco Shen - Frozen Shen Singed - Mad Scientist Singed Sion - Hextech sion Sivir - Bandit sivir Scarner- Earthrune Scarner Swain - Bilgewater Swain Shyvana- Boneclaw Shyvana Teemo - Cottontail teemo Tristana - Buccaner tristana Twisted Faith - Jack of hearts and Musketeer Vayne - Dragonslayer Veigar - Superb Veigar and Leprechaun Vladimir - Blood Lord Vladimir (legendary) Warwick - Tundra Warwick Wu kong - Volcanic wu Yorick - Pentakill yorick If you're interested of buying the account send me a pm here with your or reply on the topic and i'll add u , if u have any questions feel free to ask here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.