WTS: EUW account but will change to NA if ur interested, check it out;

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    My account details: Normal wins: 917 Ranked wins:125 Rune pages: 9 Champions owned: 85 Skin amount: 58 Champions i don't own: My ranking: My runes and pages: My normal skins: Akali-Silver fang akali. Alistar- Unchained Alistar. Anivia- Noxus hunter Anivia. Brand-Vandal Brand. Caitlyn- Officer caitlyn. Cho gath- Jurassic Cho gath. Darius- Lord Darius Draven- Soul reaver draven. Fiora-Royal guard Fiora. Gangplank- Spooky Gangplank. Gangplank-Minuteman Gangplank. Garen- Dreadknight garen. Graves- Mafia graves. Irelia- Nightblade irelia. Jarvan-Darkforge jarvan. Jarvan- Warring kingdom jarvan. Jax- Jaximus Jayce- Full metal jayce. Lee sin- Traditional Lee sin. Lee sin- Acolyte lee sin. Maokai- Totemic maokai. Master yi- Ionia master yi. Pantheon-Full metal pantheon. Renekton-Blood fury renekton. Riven-Redeemed riven. Ryze- Tribal ryze. Shaco- Asylum shaco. Shen-Warlord shen. Shyvana- Bone claw shyvana. Singed- Hextech singed. Singed -Surfer singed. Skarner- Earthrune skarner. Talon- Renegade talon. Tristana- Riot girl tristana. Trundle- Junkyard trundle. Tryndamere- King tryndamere. Twitch- Gangster twitch. Udyr-Black belt udyr. Varus- Arclight varus. Vayne- Heart seeker vayne. Warwick- Big Bad Warwick. Xin zhao- Imperial Xin zhao. Special skins: Dr.Mundo- Mr Munoverse.(Legacy) Ezreal- Nottingham Ezreal.(Legacy) Fiora- Headmistress Fiora.(Halloween) Graves- RIOT graves (Event code). Karthus-Phantom karthus (Legacy). Kayle-Judgement kayle (limited). Maokai-Festive maokai (Christmas event) Maokai-Hunted maokai (Halloween event) Nidalee- Bewitching nidalee (Halloween Event) Nocturne-Haunting nocturne (Halloween event) Nocturne-Eternum Nocturne ( Legendary Skin) Rammus- Fullt metal rammus (Event code) Olaf- Brolaf (Legendary) Shaco-Workshop shaco (legacy). Tryndamere- Demon blade tryndamere. (Legendary) Vladimir -Blood lord vladimir (Legendary). Payment method: Paypal. Contact: Add me on : bryan.s5 (from austria) or leave a comment!
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