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    i.imgur/fpF1X.jpg Notes: RP: Soon to receive around 50€ worth of RP from ESL tournaments IP: 6.3k Skins: - Alistar (Infernal Alistar and the free one) - Annie (Red Riding Annie, not available anymore) - Ezreal (Nottingham Ezreal, not available anymore) - Fizz ( Tundra Fizz) - Kayle (The season1 skin) - Lee Sin ( Dragon Fist Lee Sin) - Malphite ( Glacial Malphite) - Maokai ( Totemic Maokai) - Nidalee ( Leopard Nidalee, French Maid Nidalee, Pharaoh Nidalee) - Nocturne ( Frozen Terror Nocturne) - Olaf (Brolaf legendary skin) - Rammus ( Freljord Rammus) - Riven ( Battle Bunny Riven) - Sivir ( Pax Sivir ) - Teemo ( Badger Teemo) - Tristana ( The free skin) I will sell this account to the best offer till 1st of September starting at 150€ You can either post it here or pm me your offer, the transaction will be made with a middle man.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.