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    WTS: EUW 1600 ELO account, perfect for casual/better players! Rune pages all set! Cheap! ELO: Season II GOLD Season III ~ 1600 ELO Champions: Runes: MARKS: armor pen 9x attack speed 9x magic pen 9x health 9x cd reduction 4x SEALS: armor 9x ability power 9x crit dmg 9x health 9x GLYPHS: ability power 9x Crit dmg 9x magic resist 9x health 9x QUINT: movement speed 3x health 3x gold per 10 3x damage 3x ability power 3x armor pen 3x crit dmg 3x Skins: Victorius Janna Unchained Alistar Pharao Amumu Nightmare Cho'gath Workshop Shaco Dragon Fist Lee sin Feral Warwick Spooky Gankplank Payment happens via PayPal. Price is negotiatable. Any questions or more info, contact me in private or heddave WTB: Lol account with certain things I want a level 30 LOL NA account ONLY. -You NEED to be OO of account, and provide proof. -Must have rep on THIS site. (I do not care for, or any other trading site) -Must provide all information. -Account must be in good standing. The account MUST have S1,S2 Gold or higher. Good start on S3. I want full runes for every role. Skins are a must (I don't care for 1 legendary skin and none others). Most champs need to be unlocked. Please PM me on here with details or a link to your account posting. I will NOT be on AIM so do NOT try to contact me there. If there is anything else about your account that I need to know please tell me in your PM in-case I have forgotten anything. If you do not follow what is said above I will not even acknowledge you. WTB: Fresh level 30 na account (must have all ad carries) ad carry skins are bonus. willing to pay $40 max, negotiable depending on your account : firesushibrah WTS: NA LVL 30 S2 gold 1557 elo . 101 champion 47 skin and 15 runepape as the tittle said. i want to sell this account ready move to another the place so i dont think i playing everyday anymore. will screenshare and screenshot anytime. add my r daicacuban all i ask is 80$. if you re scammer please dont contact me...
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