WTS: EUPC "Main Ice DPS/Tank CR 89 123 SP Full T4/ "Alt Gadget Troller CR 84 87 SPMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Greetings Asgardian here again with you,from the moment my last account was sold. I got another epic account for sale SERVER EUPC This time its 1st) Ice Dps "Account contains 4 DLC (Battle For Earth,Lighting Strikes,Fight for the Light,The Last Laugh) Full T4 DPS Gear Moded with 4 Sockets 4 Piece's of T4 PVP Gear moded with 4 Sockets/4 Pieces of T3 PVP Moded with 3 Sockets Amazonian Tank Gear Moded with 3/4 Sockets Full of GOLD Rings/Necklaces DPS/TAnk/Troll/Healer any of them in 3-4 packs of each. 123 Skill points Movement type : Flight Nearly 200k Cash escrow 2 Prime Battle ground Weapons (One-Handed and Rifle) Alot of Marks. Also has 1k SC on the account,bought it to respec into Electricity DPS,but since i quit,it doesnt matter for me on what they can be spent,it will be your choice if you will buy the account. 2nd)Gadget Troller 84 CR,87 SP Movemtn Type:Flight 6 Pieces of T4 Gear moded with 4 sockets 2 Pieces of Amazonian Moded with 3 sockets Prime Battle Ground Hand Blasters troller Role Nearly 200k Cash Escrow.(its alot for EUPC in case you didnt knew) What wasnt shown on screenshots,can be showed in by screen sharing or specific screeshot provided by your suggestion via Email. NOW ABOUT THE PRICE. I'm really not sure about the price,so you can offer the price in or email Payment Paypal. What im sure of is that those offers that will be lower then 100$ will be automatically refused. :nesssaj Email:[email protected]
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