[WTS] EUNE Serius Account [More Infos Inside]

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    Account exists since season 1, 30 lvl, gold badge from season 2 (i had 1510 elo) and gold badge at season 3 too (i got 1556 max elo but 1415 current ).... 11 Rune Pages (all full) , around 100 Champions , around 15 skins (1 legendary, brolaf ), around 1700 wins on normal games... Well i think that's all, ask me anything if u got any questions... I couldn't get 1 pic for every skin i got so i'll just name them: Akali: Blood Moon Akali (975 RP) Alistar: Unchained Alistar (Free) Blitzcrank: Boom Boom Blitzcrank (975 RP) Gangplank: Minuteman Gangplank (620 RP) Janna: Tempest Janna (520 RP) / Victorious Janna (Reward From S2 Gold Elo) Jarvan IV: Commando Jarvan IV (520 RP) Karthus: Phantom Karthus (230 RP) Kayle: Judgment Kayle (Free) Kennen: Karate Kennen (520 RP) Malzahar: Vizier Malzahar (260 RP) Nidalee: French Maid Nidalee (520 RP) Nunu: Demolisher Nunu (975 RP) Olaf: Brolaf (1820 RP) Singed: Surfer Singed (975 RP) Teemo: Badger Teemo (260 RP) Tristana: Riot Girl Tristana (Free) And here are some pics.... Max Elo / Current Elo / Gold Badge from S2 Normal Wins / Takedowns / Monster and Minions Kills Marks Seals Glyphs Quintessences Champions Owned (1/2) Champions Owned (2/2) Champions Not Owned I'm not naming a price cos i've got no idea what those things value is and i might get offensive comments if i try to set a limit... So i will just wait for some inbox offers... (If you live in athens we can meet and make the exchange on a net cafe, cos i'm new with the PayPal system)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.