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    Hi All, I would like to announce that i sell my account on league of legends. Champions : Skins : -Stringer Akali -Nurse Akali -Pharaoh Amumu -Bird of Prey Anivia -Reverse Annie -Sherwood Forest Ashe -Amethyst Ashe -Vandal Brand -Cryocore Brand -Officer Caitlyn -Mythic Cassiopeia -Toxic Dr.Mundo -Masquerade Evelynn -Frosted Ezreal -Pulsefire Ezreal -Sanguine Garen -Nightblade Irelia -Infiltrator Irelia -Commando Jarvan IV -Grim Reaper Karthus -High Command Katarina -Monarch Kog'Maw -Prestigious Le Blanc -Traditional Lee Sin -Dragon Fist Lee Sin -Shadow Prince Malzahar -Assasin Master Yi -Headhunter Master Yi -Cowgirl Miss Fortune -Lord Morderkaiser -Riot K-9 Nasus -French Maid Nidalee -Void Nocturne -Ruthless Pantheon -Glaive Warrior Pantheon -Royal Shaco -Darkflame Shyvana -Hextech Sion -Lumberjack Sion -Bandit Sivir -Pentakill Sona -Crimson Elite Talon -Badger Teemo -Highland Tryndamere -Demonblade Tryndamere(Legendary) -Kingpin Twitch -Aristocrat Vayne -Blood Lord Vladimir(Legendary) -Tundra Hunter Warwick -Hyena Warwick -General Wukong -Imperial Xin Zhao TOTAL OF 52 SKINS (2 LEGENDARY AND PULSEFIRE) Wins : Elo: Runes : 4 Rune Pages with proper runes (AD Carry,AP Carry,Tank,Support) Price starts from 35 EUROS. Paysafe card only accepted. I dont go first and please do not spam for my elo and the price as the new season starts at 2 weeks.And if you dont want the account just dont reply. Thanks in Advance!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.