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    I would like to sell my account for league of legends because I stopped playing! -EU Nordic & East -30 Level -1635 ELO (S3) -660 Wins (Normal) + 126 Wins (Dominion) -2 Rune Pages -61 Champions -9 Skins Code: [Select] 1. Desert Trooper Garen 2. Feral Warwick 3. Lord Darius 4. Sewn Chaos Orianna 5. Karate Kennen 6. Freljord Ashe 7. Assasin Master Yi 8. Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate 9. Pharaoh Nasus For pictures click HERE Price : Starting Bid 10€ TOS: 1. After delivery of the account I am not responsible for anything happened (No recovery on any way) 2. I will not go first in any case 3. Accepted Payment methods : Paypal, Liberty Reserve, PSC
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.