[WTS] [EU] x5 95s, Taru M, Amazing Gear

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    Hello all, this is a really fantastic account that has some amazing gear and lots of high price items on it. I am the original owner with all information that I can pass onto buyer. If you have any questions please send PM on forums.

    Account Details
    Tarutaru male - small
    Rank 10 Windurst
    Original Owner Information Available
    CD Keys Available
    Linked to Square Enix ID
    Transfer not up for 20 days
    Comes with 384k gil (Will update this over next few days if it increases)
    Around 30m gil in sell able items

    95 THF
    95 BLM - New 95 spells, Comet, Blizzaja and Thunder V
    95 NIN
    95 BRD - New 95 spells, Pinning Nocturne, Horde Lullaby II, Ice Carol II
    95 RDM

    All fully merrited, 20/20 capped merits now.

    Equips - here is a link to all of my gear below I will outline some of the high quality
    items and augments.

    Varuna's Staff +3 (Ice Affnity magic damage staff)
    Indra's Staff +3 (Thunder Affinity magic damage staff)
    Aliyat Chakram - Jeuno VW3
    Fazheluo R. Mail - Windurst VW4
    Wive Hairpin Augmented with refresh
    Fajin Boots (+18% movement speed) Zilart VW3
    Phasmida Belt - Jeuno VW3
    Hct. Subligar +1 augment +3% crit rate, evasion +4
    Dalmatica augment fast cast +3% quick magic +1%
    Novio Earring - worth 6m~
    Herald's Gaiters - worth 14m~
    Strendu Ring - Windurst VW4
    Trotter's Boots
    Dark Ring augment -4% PDT -5% MDT
    Dark Ring augment -6% PDT -4% MDT

    BLM AF3 +2 5/5
    THF AF3 +2 5/5
    NIN AF3 +2 5/5
    BRD AF3 +2 5/5



    Windurst nation: Complete
    Rise of the Zilart - The Celestial Nexus (Sky Access) - ZM Complete - Suppanomi
    Chains of Promathia - Dawn (Sea Access) - Rajas Ring
    Treasures of Aht Urhgan - Eternal Mercenary - Balhran's Ring
    Wings of the Goddess - Cait Sith (Access to WoE)


    All zone wins, Shinryu won, all conflux's activated
    130 Traverser Stones
    114k Crour

    The mass majority of atmas and abyssites such as RR, GH, Ultimate, , Apoc, Beyond, Sanguine playerup.com VV and many more. 4/5 of the futherance abyssite for HP/MP%+ and many more.


    20 Voidstones (Plus x4 Voiddust)
    San'doria path complete
    Windurst path complete
    Bastom path complete
    Jeuno path t1 5/6
    Zilart path t3 2/3

    All key items from voidwatch including all temp items.
    All atmacite - Destruction lvl10 Devotion lvl10 Coercion lvl5 Latitudelvl5


    Huge array of titles from HNM, such as AV, Tiamat, Jorm, Nidhogg, Aspi, Odin(Einherjar)and many more.

    Only payment method accepted is PayPal. service is available but buyer must pay in full for this service. Must pay for the account before I give over the account, scammers no thanks!

    Can talk on /, all questions please PM.

    Starting bid $500 Buyout $1000
    Thank you
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