WTS: EU: WoW Account - Resto Druid 85, Mage 85, Warrior 80! Cheap and great for play!Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am pleased to offer a great account to play World of Warcraft! Great for start the adventure with World of Warcraft, and entry into the world of Azeroth!
    I play for 3 years, but decided to give my account away, because I haven't got time (due to work and study).

    Do not wait, see what I have to offer!

    Two characters on lvl 85!

    Resto Druid, and Fire (Frost) Mage!
    Druid (Tauren) have ilvl 350, and few ot the best items in the game! No problem go to the raids and heroics!
    I have over 4200 achivements points, and epic flying 280%! 2k Golds on start! Server - Burning Legion! (EU)
    Builds is one of the best for resto. Even the 20k healing on raids! Yes, it is possible. How is this done? Serve with advice and helpful tips!
    Proffesions - Herbalism (540) Inscryption (506) Cooking (382), Archeology, and First Aid (450).

    Mage (Draenei) have got over 3,400 achievement points, and ilvl 336. He has a reputation as one of the best mages on server! In fire, may even reach 17-18k dps! 2k golds on start! Server - Draenor (EU) Proffesions - Mining, Skinning!
    Normal Flying - 150%!

    And besides, I still have the 80 Warrior, with EPIC FLYING (280%!)

    And many alts, such as lock (46), priest (68), paladin (63), hunter (62), DK (64) and more!

    After buying the account, I send everything on E-meil (CD-Keys, passes to the account and the rest of the required information)!

    Unfortunately at the moment the account is frozen. Requires purchase pre-paid.

    You buy an account from a real freak! You know what you buy! Everything is in place! You have a safe and easy to start!

    Price, what interests me is 250$, or 200 Euros. It's very cheap, looking at it that similar accounts on playerup.com for twice this price! It is certainly a great moment to enter the World of Warcraft! Great and very epic fight with Deathwing coming!

    I count on a successful purchase!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.