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    As the title says selling a World of Warcraft Account: Cataclysm. Gametime has until the end of May. Account has absolutely no problem and vouch for his safety.

    As significant carcatere:

    1) 85 priest (with the holy gear (355ilvl) and shadow (359 ilvl Both PVE), fully gemmed and enchanted
    2.5k gold for the time long enough to make anyone worry its not for raiding consumables,

    Professions: Enchanting + Tailoring (525 with enough recipes both purchased)

    2) 85 Worgen Warrior (ilvl 355 more for pvp but has decent tanking gear + PVE DPS)

    Professions (Blacksmithing 520, Mining 525)

    pm for more details
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.