[WTS] [EU] WHM RDM WAR THF DRK DRG 90 all 5/5 emp+2 and accessories

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    Taru M, transfer up

    5/5 Orison+2, Orison Earring, Orison Locket, Orison back, Surya's Staff+2 (22% cure pot)
    5/5 Cure speed, 5/5 Bar spells, 8/8 Enhancing magic, 5/5 Shellra 5, 1/5 Protectra 5, 1/5 Martyr, 3/5 Devotion

    5/5 Estq. +2, Estq. Neck, Estq. Mantle, D Chap, 7/8 HQ staves (not light). Great nuking gear
    5/5 Ice acc, 5/5 Convert, 5/5 Slow 2, 5/5 Para 2, 8/8 Enfeebling, 2/8 Elemental.

    5/5 Rav. +2, Rav Earring, Rav neck, Rav. ammo, Zelus Tiara, Goading Belt, Timahrli Dastanas, Adaman Hauberk, Heca cap, Twilight Mail, Twilight Helm, Atheling Mantle, Widowmaker, Bonesplitter on Glavoid Shells stage (4/50 lol)
    4/3/3 DA/Berserk/Aggressor, 5/5 WC and a few Tomahawk merits, Great Axe 8/8

    5/5 Raider's +2, Assasin's Armlets, Thief's Knife, Twilight knife, Triplus dagger, Nusku's Sash, Twilight Belt, Homam feet (hand and l also), Raider's Boomerang, 2x lv90 AGI/Evasion daggers.
    5/5 Triple Attack, 3/5 Trick attack, 2/5 Sneak Attack, 5/5 Feint, 3/5 Aura Steal, 1/5 Assasin's Charge, Dagger 4/8

    5/5 Bale+2, Bale neck, Bale earring, Twilight playerup.com, etc.
    Numerous merits I don't care to remember

    5/5 Lancer+2, Lancer torque, etc.
    5/5 Jump, 5/5 High Jump, 3/5 Angon, Deep Breathing 1/5, Polearm 8/8

    Misc Merits: 7 MP, 5 HP, 5/5 crit, 5/5 -enm.

    All expansions registered and all completed except WoTG which is near the start. All good atmas+abyssites done, Captain rank in Assault.

    99% capped gear account ready for Emp weapon. WU and (you pay) only. Don't waste time offering below $400, buyout $700+.
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