[WTS] Eu west level 30 account 52 champs 43 skin 9runepage etc.

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    Dear LoL Players! After 1,5 years playing i'm gonna quit from LoL so i wanna sell my account. THE DETAILS: SKINS AND CHAMPIONS. Akali - Stinger Akali, Blood Moon Akali Alistar - Unchained Alistar /free skin/ Amumu Annie - Frostfire Annie Ashe - Queen Ashe Caitlyn - Officer Caitlyn, Safari Caitlyn, Resistance Caitlyn Evelynn - Tango Evelynn Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal Gangplank Garen Graves - Hired Gun Graves Irelia - Nightblade Irelia Janna - Hextech Janna, Tempest Janna Jarvan IV - Victorius Jarvan IV /GOLD MEDAL FREE/ Jax Kassadin Katarina - High Command Katarina, Bilgewater Katarina Kayle - Judgement Kayle /FREE/ Kennen - Kennen M.D. , Karate Kennen, Deadly Kennen KogMaw LeBlanc - Wicked LeBlanc, Prestigious LeBlanc Leona - Valkyrie Leona Lux MissFortune - Secret Agent MissFortune, Waterloo MissFortune, Cowboy MissFortune, Road Warrior MissFortune Mordekaiser Morgana Nasus - Galatic Nasus, Dreadknight Nasus Nidalee - Pharaoh Nidalee, Frech Maid Nidalee, Bewitching Nidalee /HALLOWEEN LIMITED SKIN/ Nocturne Nunu Orianna - Sewn Chaos Orianna Poppy Renekton - Outback Renekton Ryze Shaco Shyvana - Ironscale Shyvana Singed Sivir Sona - Pentakill Sona Soraka Talon - Renegade Talon Taric Teemo - Cottontail Teemo Tristana - RiotGirl Tristana /FREE/ Udyr Urgot Vayne - Aristocrat Vayne, Dragonslayer Vayne Warwick - Tundra Hunter Warwick Xin Zhao RUNE PAGES AND RUNES (ATM the account has 9 rune pages, all full) MARKS - picture SEALS - picture GLYHPS - picture QUINTS - picture WINS / LOSSES ETC. Normals wins: 736 Ranked W/L ratio: 38-27 RATING: Solo 1420 Arranged 1398 3v3 Unranked If you interested PM me or reply here (OFFERS IN PM)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.