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    Hey guys!! After 1 month i log again to forum back i am for studies so i dont have the ability to log in forum every day! I post today because i want to sell my account in EU west. I bored i and i want to return to l2 again. P.S. This is my 2nd account (but very good) I will give the registration e-mail and the password of it and all donate transtuctions in case of someone tell that i scam him. I prefer to sell it in person that i know in mxc! Lets Start. As i said is my 2nd account so is 24level. Has 6 runes pages with full runes for 24 level. Has 53 champions and a lot of skins, Lets start with the skins now. Akali- Silverfang Akali Alistair- Unchained,Infernal Amumu- No Skin Annie- Frostfire Annie Ashe- Queen Ashe Brand- Zombie Brand Cho-Gath- BattleCast Cho Gath Corki- Hot Rod Dr.Mundo- No Skin Evelyn- No Skin Ezreal- Froted,Pulsfire FiddleSticks- Superprice fiddle Fizz- Tunda fizz Gangplank- Minuteman GP Garen- No Skin Gragas- Vandal Gragas Graves- Riot Graves Hecarim- No Skin Janna- Tempest Jana Jax- Vandal Jax Karma- NO skin Karthus- Reaper Karthus Katerina- Mercenary Katarina Kayle- Viridian Kayle Kog'Maw- Lion Dance Kog maw Malphite- Glacial Malphite Malzahar- No Skin Maokai- Totemic Master Yi- Samurai Yi Mordekaiser- Lord Mordekaiser Nasus- RIOT NASUS K-9 Nocturne- No Skin Nunu - Nunu Bot Orianna- BladeCraft Orianna Poppy- NO skin Riven- ChampionShip Riven Ryze- Dark Crystal Ryze Sivir- PAX SIVIR Soraka- No Skin Olaf- Brolaf Teemo- Astronaut Teemo Tristana- Riot Girl,Buccaneer Twisted Fate-Jack of hearts,Underworld TF Udyr- No SKIN Varus- No Skin Vayne- Dragonslayer vayne Vladimir- Blood lord vladi Warwick- Big bad warwick Wukong- Jade Dragon Wukong Xerath- Scorched Earth Xerath Xin'Zhao- Winged Hussar Xin Yorick- No Skin Ziggs- Pool Party Ziggs Price: 30 euro via paypal the price is little expensive because of 7 legendary skins and skins in almost full champs. You can pm me here or in my : sacr4ment0 Thnx in advance guys!
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