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    EU West, LvL 30, 12 rune books, 52 champs owned Champs. Owned - oi42.tinypic/20h56qf.jpg Marks - oi43.tinypic/ab1fn4.jpg Seals - oi42.tinypic/24xdh6q.jpg Glyphs - i43.tinypic/1zr2j9w.jpg Quintes1 - oi44.tinypic/axxoax.jpg Quintes2 - oi40.tinypic/25i7m1x.jpg Skins: Akali - Stinger Akali Alistar - Golden Alistar Ashe - Sherwood Forest Ashe Blitzcrank - Boom Boom Blitzcrank Brand - Vandal Brand Caithlyn - Resistance Caithlyn Cassiopeia - Siren Cassiopeia Garen - Sanguine Garen Janna - Tempest Janna Karthus - Grim reaper Karthus Kassadin - Harbinger Kassadin Kennen - Karate Kennen LeBLanc - Prestigious LeBlanc LeeSin - Traditional LeeSin & Dragon Fist Maokai - Totemic Maokai Rammus - Freljord Rammus Shen - Blood Moon Shen Swain - Bilgewater Swain Talon - Crimson Elite Talon Vayne - Aristocrat Vayne Veigar - Leprechaun Veigar Vladimir - Count Vladimir Warwick - Tundra Hunter Warwick Xin Zhao - Commando Xin Zhao You can change email for free in web page, change nickname for 1300 riots points or change the gate for 2600 riot points ( 1 euro = ± 180 riot points, depends what package u buy ) Payment method: Paypal only Price: 50 euro ( we can discuss about the price ) If you are interested, pm me here on MxC your , I will add you. I am new in this section, but I am not new on MxC, I have done several trades before in lineage section, I always got money 1st and after that I delivered the stuff without problems. I will always want money 1st !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.