[WTS] EU West Account 80champs+a bunch of skins

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    Screen shots explain everything I guess: imgur/a/UzsYd < Link is from trusted and safe website imgur Skins: Stinger Akali (Akali has her own rune page + masteries page for double passives level 1 with boots - Westrice's Build) 520RP Unchained Alistair Youtube Free Frostfire Annie 975RP Sherwood Ashe 520RP Vandal Brand 520RP Frosted Ezreal 520RP Spooky Gangplank 520RP Aviator Irelia (I feel stangely attracted to this skin) 975RP Phantom Karthus (Legacy Skin UNavailable now) 460RP Judgment Kayle Season 1 veteran's free Karate Kennen 520RP Acolyte Leesin 975RP Sorceress Lux 520RP Shadow Prince Malz 520RP Lord Mordekaiser 975RP Haunting Nocturne (Limited Edition Skin UNavailable now) 520RP Forsaken Olaf 520RP Gothic Orianna 975RP Redeemed Riven 975RP Royal Shaco 520RP Earthrune Skarner 975RP Crimson Elite Talon 975RP Riot Girl Tristana Facebook Free 14.000 Riot points worth of skins ALONE. That's 80 Euros on skins alone. 9 Rune Pages with the best runes needed in the game. Carefully chosen and made runepages for all kinds of champion roles. 80 Champions owned. All champions you need I am taking offers if anyone's interested. have a good day
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.