WTS EU WEST 30Middleman Seller Guide

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    Level 30 LoL West Account . cool named 56 Champions (ALL assasins owned. ALL mages owned.) i dont own many supports/tanks. leesin/fizz/xerath/brand/talon/vayne/riven/renekton/orianna/nocturne/malzahar/kogmaw/kennen/irelia/ezreal/cassiopeia. these are my 6300 champs owned. SKINS: 1 Stinger Akali 975rp (akali has her own rune page with both passives at level One. WESTRICE's build) 2 Unchained alistair 3 Frostfire Annie 975rp 4 Frosted Ezreal 520rp 5 Spooky Gangplank 520rp 6 Aviator irelia 975rp -beep-in awesome skin 7 Judgment Kayle 8 Sorceress Lux 520rp 9 Shadow Prince Malzahar 520rp 10 HAUNTING Nocturne 520rp UNIQUE LIMITED EDITION SKIN 11 Forsaken Olaf 520rp 12 Sewn Chaos Orianna 975rp 13 Redeemed Riven 975rp 14 Royal Shaco 520rp 15 Crimson Elite Talon 975rp 16 Riot Girl Tristana 17 Phantom karthus and 2 pages with runes Trading for east and nordic or via paypall 15 euros pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.