WTS: Eu West 130 skins 94 champs 1200 elo

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    The account is 2 years old. EU West. Fine nickname Silver solo. 130 skins. which you any more don't buy: 25 (half legendary) : Crimson Akali Longhorn Alistar Goth Annie LEGENDARY Blitzcrank LEGENDARY Battlecast Prime Cho`Gath LEGENDARY Gentleman Cho`Gath Red Baron Corki LEGENDARY Gatekeeper Galio Toy Soldier Gangplank Snowmerdinger Angler Jax Unmasked Kayle LEGENDARY Lion Dance Kog`Maw Mistletoe LeBlanc Festive Maokai LEGENDARY Eternum Nocturne LEGENDARY Brolaf Professor Ryze Workshop Shaco LEGENDARY Astronaut Teemo LEGENDARY Dmonblade Tryndamere The Magnificent Twisted Fate LEGENDARY Blood Lord Vladimir Feral Warwick Time Machine Zilean 16 pages of runes. Runes under all classes. There are no 14 heroes: quinn.thresh.vi.nami.zed.elise.kha`zix.syndra.reng ar.diana.jayce.draven.varus.hecarim.lulu.fiora.nau tilus.zac. There is first mail, correspondence with support. I am the first owner. : alekseykopulov1234
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.