WTS: EU: - War, Sham, Rogue, DK 85.

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    Selling an account with Warrior, Shaman Enhancement and Rogue on Runetotem and a DeathKnight on Outland.
    Characters on Runetotem have an ilvl ~380.
    Warrior has 2 pieces of T13 LFR, full Ruthless with two Cataclysmic pieces and Gurthalak LFR.
    Shaman is full ruthless with 4 Cataclysmic pieces and 2 No'Khaled LFR, other than two Ruthless Fists, he has some good PvE items aswell.
    Rogue has some Ruthless pieces and Cataclysmic Wrists, set PvE ilvl380, with 2 pieces of T12.
    DeathKnight on Outland has 4 Ruthless pieces and some PvE items.
    Account includes a Paladin 51 and a Druid ~40 on Runetotem.
    7000 gold.

    If you want to see relative character profiles on Armory, send me a pm.

    There's still 1 month of payed gametime.
    170 Euros, on Paypal or wire transfer on bank account. For negotiations, send me a pm.
    I bought every expansion online.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.